Special $ 100 “Pinse” to support
the Princess Margaret Foundation

TORONTO –  Solidarity is one of the fixed ingredients of the “pinsa” by Gino Benevenga, owner of the Italian restaurant “Venga Cucina”, the only “pinseria” in Toronto (in Canada there are only two: read Corriere Canadese‘s article here) and already protagonist of charity campaigns in the past with its special pizzas made in the manner of the authentic Roman “pinsa”.

Last March, in fact, the restaurant on Dundas Street West 3076 had decided to donate the entire proceeds of dozens of “pinse” to the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great of the Monastery of St. Peter and Paul in the city ​​of Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine, hit hard during the conflict with Russia (read CNMNG‘s the article here).

Previously, Benevenga had donated $ 1 to the SickKids Foundation for every “pinsa” sold over an entire week.

Now, a new charity initiative: in the next few days, Gino will make twenty $ 100 super-pinse, using unique and high-quality ingredients, and the entire proceeds will go to the Princess Margaret Breast Cancer Foundation.

A choice dictated by a life experience that Gino himself decided to tell. “In recent months a fundamental element of our staff, both in the kitchen and in the dining room where is able to make customers feel at home, has been diagnosed with cancer”, explains Benevenga. “We were scared and terribly worried, until our staff’s member was admitted to Princess Margaret Hospital where was treated with great professionalism, kindness and respect. We therefore want to thank the exceptional staff of the hospital with this fundraising”.

A nice gesture by Gino and the staff of “Venga Cucina” who in the last two years – despite the difficulties due to the pandemic – has achieved great popularity by selling 12,408 “pinse” and receiving positive reviews from customers and also in the press. All well deserved.

For information, all contacts are on the site

In the photos above, Gino from “Venga Cucina” and some of his “pinse

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