IC Savings wellness centre
at Villa Gambin in Vaughan

di corriere canadese del 31 July 2023

Article by RAUL LIMA

TORONTO - Tuesday, July 26, 2023. Villa Leonardo Gambin, unveiled a new fitness room made available by IC Savings.

Villa Leonardo Gambin is a centre for the elderly and a cornerstone of the community it serves - over 160 members in its care, many need to stay active in order to stay healthy. Cinzia Del Zotto, the executive director said thanks to the generous donation of $32,000 by IC Savings, the Villa now has a place where seniors can socialize and exercise; “the wellness centre is a part of rehabilitation; it's also an important space … where they can connect”.

Fausto Gaudio, CEO and President of IC Savings, spoke to the importance of giving back to the community. “IC Savings is a financial cooperative, and, as such, we have a very strong community mandate, a social mandate. So, when the opportunity was presented to get involved,it was only natural for us to get involved”.

In the pics above, Linda Jackson and Fausto Gaudio (photo credit Raul Lima)

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