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Status of Covid-19 cases,
a different perspective

TORONTO – Over one year living through a global pandemic and life marches on for nearly 7.8 billion people worldwide. Governments around the world have adopted various infection prevention measures to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Thus far, more than 125 million cases have confirmed positive, roughly 1.6% of the global population.

Nearly 81% of all confirmed positive cases have recovered and 3% of all cases have resulted in fatalities. Countries around the world employ various reporting mechanisms to communicate these figures to their citizens to understand the scope of situation.

The following charts are derived using data from Worldometers which sources and complies information from various official government and health agencies around the world. A selection of countries and jurisdictions are included to understand the impacts of Covid-19 in the respective locations.


The figures in the chart above are listed in several categories. Column 2 indicates the total number of confirmed positive cases reported by each country. Column 3 shows the percentage of cases that have recovered. Columns 4-7 contain data pertaining to the ultimate and unfortunate outcome for those who lose the fight against Covid-19.

Overall, the US is by far the country with the greatest absolute number of cases and total number of deaths attributable to Covid-19.

However, take into consideration the UK’s rate of 1,856 fatalities per million of population. It outpaces that of the US at 1,681. In this case, the British nation is one of several countries that have the highest death rates in the world (graph 2).

As fear grows over concerns of subsequent waves and further contagion from multiple virulent strains of the virus it is worth taking stock of the status of cases thus far. The following graph displays the percentage of cases that have recovered and that have proved fatal for the corresponding countries and jurisdictions (graph 3, at the top).

On the basis of available data, India has a 95.3% recovery rate for those who contract the virus. It also has one of the lowest fatality rates, 1.4%, among all the countries listed.

Sharing space near the top of this ranking is Canada. Of the more than 946,000 confirmed cases in the country, 93.9% have recovered.

As countries around the world focus on the path forward while taking measures to further mitigate the negative impacts of the virus, the global vaccination campaign is one part of that plan.

According to Our World in Data, among the countries referenced in this chart, the UK is leading the vaccination effort with 45.2 vaccine doses administered per 100 people as of March 22. Coming in a close second is the US at 37.8. Canada lags at a rate of 10.9.


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