A stronghold for Conservatives

TORONTO – Along the outskirts of Hamilton is the electoral district of Flamborough Glanbrook. It encompasses a portion of the City of Hamilton and an extensive rural area surrounding the City including part of the Niagara Escarpment.

The area is unique in character as it covers a vast region, that is geographically diverse and home to 111,065 residents of several different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. According to the most recent data available, (2016 Census), Italians, at 12% of the population, make up the largest concentration of individuals in the region who originate from Europe. That translates into 13,015 residents of Italian origin.

The constituency was created by the 2012 federal electoral boundaries redistribution and has been a stronghold for the Conservative party. In 2015, David Sweet, who was the MP in the predecessor riding, sought re-election and won the seat for the Conservatives in the Flamborough-Glanbrook electoral district. In 2019, he was again re-elected, this time with 39.2% of the vote. The Liberals took 36.6%
followed by the NDP at 16.5%.

This time around, Sweet decided not to seek re-election following controversy stemming from his travel to the US over the holidays during the pandemic. Conservative candidate, Dan Muys, a communications professional, seeks elected office.

He is up against Liberal candidate Vito Sgro. With 30-years of experience in business and as former Director of the Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation, Sgro told the Corriere that he is prepared to work for the constituents in the district and “fight for their fair share of government investment and champion local issues like farming and infrastructure”. He said he acknowledges the importance of recovery and the need to help local industries rebuild and succeed. His focus, like that of his party’s, would be “advocating for expanded childcare, fixing our Long-Term Care sector, securing transit investments and supporting our agricultural sector”, he added.

Supporting the latter is also a priority for NDP candidate Lorne Newick. He aims to garner more support for the NDP and said: “I would advocate against further urban sprawl cutting into our valuable farm land”. Additionally, Newick said he would work with both Municipal and Provincial governments to “push for any further development to be built up, rather than out”.

Rounding out the field of candidates are Thomas Hatch for the Greens and Bill Panchyshyn for the PPC.

No other candidates responded to our request for comment prior to our going to print.

According to the latest projections by 338Canada.com (September 12), which uses algorithms that take into account results of all major polls, the Conservatives, at 41%, are ahead of the Liberals by 11 points. The NDP, at 18%, trail the Liberals by 12 points.

P. Pajdo is a Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

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