Dufferin-Caledon: Italians
at the centre of a new vision

TORONTO – The electoral district of Dufferin-Caledon is located in southwestern Ontario, north of Brampton. It includes the County of Dufferin and part of the Regional Municipality of Peel, mainly the Town of Caledon.

The constituency’s population is principally of European origin, primarily British. However, it is home to the largest concentration of Italians in the region. According to the 2016 Census, 17% of the population self-identify as Italian. That translates into 22,020 residents.

Traditionally a Conservative stronghold, Kyle Seeback, current MP, is seeking re-election for the Conservatives. He was elected in 2019 when he won 42% of the vote. Liberal candidate, Michele Fisher took 33%, followed by Allison Brown of the NDP with 11% of the vote.

In 2019, Seeback succeeded David Tilson who represented the constituency for the Conservatives from 2004 to 2019.

This time, he is up against Liberal candidate Lisa Post, Green Party candidate Jenni Le Forestier and Anthony Zambito for the PPC. No Candidate has been named for the NDP.

According to the latest projections from 338Canada.com (August 24), which uses algorithms that take into account the results of all major polls, the Conservatives have a 13-point lead over the Liberals. Following the Liberals at 29.5% is the NDP with 15.6%.

The district is a combination of rural and urban settings. Seeback told the Corriere Canadese: “One of the most pressing issues facing Dufferin-Caledon is rural broadband”. Improvements in connectivity drive better economic and educational opportunities for everyone.

However, some are still left without affordable and reliable internet service, according to Seeback.

Building on the expansions made since 2019, Seeback said he will “continue fighting for more action by both federal government and Internet Service Providers to ensure this need is met for every home”.

Post, a Councillor in the town of Orangeville since 2018, is a voice for the community.

She told the CC, she recognizes the importance of balancing the “the unique needs of our rural areas and farming communities with the needs of our hamlets, villages and our more urban centres”.

As the region continues to grow and develop, she said “a strong community voice in Ottawa is required to ensure that much-needed infrastructure dollars are available to support that growth”.

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