Brown appoints Calgary MP as his Campaign Co-Chair

TORONTO – Member of Parliament for Calgary Nose Hill, Michelle Rempel Garner has been named the campaign Co-Chair for Conservative leader contender Patrick Brown (in the pic above – credits Pajdo), Mayor of Brampton.

In a bid to appeal to supporters in the west, Brown made the announcement on March 19, the same day he released his campaign platform for Western Canada. In a statement, Brown labelled the new national Campaign Co-Chair as “Western Canada’s strongest champion”.

“We are building a strong, hopeful and passionate team than will grown the Conservative Party to an election victory”, he added. Rempel (in the pic below) was first elected into office in the 2011 federal election and has represented the riding of Calgary Nose Hill since the 2013 federal riding redistribution.

In a statement following her appointment, Rempel said “Conservatives need a leader that can build the broad multicultural, multifaith, values-driven coalition necessary to win in the areas we keep losing – without compromising on what it means to be a Conservative or letting down those who have been party members for years.”

Brown officially joined the leadership race last week when he addressed several concerns including affordability, inflation, carbon tax increases, climate change and the protection of religious freedom. His plan for Western Canada focuses on some of those issues. His aim is to “fix Western alienation and to unite our country”. According to his platform, he plans to “enact a low tax, competitive economy that builds jobs in every part of Canada”.

Brown’s plan outlines several measures that include greater equality of regional representation on all parliamentary and cabinet committees. Part of the plan involves structural changes within Canada’s federal government that would ensure all regions have a voice within the nation’s political and judicial systems. Some of the changes would involve mandating proportional regional equity for all new remote-based roles within the federal public service among various departments and agencies.

Another segment of Brown’s plan is to restore international pride and investment in Western Canada’s energy sector. Without giving specific details on how that would be achieved, he indicated that his intention to move forward with a plan to build a national energy corridor. One that would protect Canadian energy security and jobs from preventing the offshoring of those jobs to foreign countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

As for the issue of climate change, under his leadership, Brown said he would develop a full plan in open consultation with party caucus and members. One that would protect the environment, keep life affordable and respect provincial jurisdiction in that provincial governments have the sole authority in setting caps on greenhouse gas emissions of specific industries.

Brown did not waste any time in his campaign engaging in a sparring match with fellow contender Pierre Poilievre. Last week, he released official statements in which Brown calls out the Ottawa area MP for his “abhorrent policies” and position against religious freedom. Poilievre shot back with his own attack calling the Brampton Mayor a liar.

The vote to elect the new Conservative leader takes place on September 10. Candidates have their work cut out for themselves.

P. Pajdo is a Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

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