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A Rat Pack in Charge of Our Catholic Schools   

TORONTO – Some may have a dispute with Catholicism, born out of issues that only they can express. Fair enough. It is, however, a guide for social interactions and behaviour that has proven itself to be a valuable standard for building societies with durable foundations.

Its “ethic” – rules of behaviour- may not be to everyone’s liking, but it is a “team builder”. Revisionists may prefer to discard It, but its social-political value is enshrined in the Constitution, the principle of due process, the Education Act, the Human Rights Code and the Memorandum of Understanding between Ontario’s office of the Attorney General and any quasi-governmental institutions it supervises under Constitutional imperative.

And no one is compelled “to join [that] team”. There are alternatives. However, once you “join” the sole arbiter, the magisterium, of what it means to be catholic – recognized in law (secular and canon) – is the bishop, the papal representative, locally.

He determines what is a Catholic institution, who is authorized to spread its message and shape its instructional mechanisms. The bishop’s authority extends to “Catholic Schools”. It is time he exercised leadership in its use and takes back control of the Catholics School System before it is lost for good.

The Minister of Education, no matter what he may think, has no authority in Law to do anything that might diminish the Bishop’s authority over Catholic schools. And, certainly, locally elected school trustees – who swear allegiance to the ethic and the magisterium – do not have any authority, nor is it any single issue lobby group.

Nor does shadowy Progress Toronto (PT). This is a secular “woke” political organization in downtown Toronto, financed almost exclusively from public-derived funds.

With all due deference to Andrea Horwath, it is an NDP politically affiliated organization. Their colours are NDP, their leadership is NDP. Much like the Waffle wing of the party (minus the intellect) from the early Seventies, it resembles the “tail that wags the dog”.

Their flag is the Rainbow festooned in all their literature. They select and promote their own PT candidates.

And they have infiltrated the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). Their weapon of choice is the manipulation of the Human Rights Code to hurl insults and to defame and shame people of different persuasion.

Now, they resent the fact that one of their colleagues on the TCDSB has called out their hypocrisy and is seeking relief through the Divisional Court. Worse they complain – he is being supported by a crowdfunding campaign in his effort to secure due process.

They have started their own counterattack before the matter is decided by the Court: smear and silence anyone who appears to stand by principle, and hound advertisers courageous enough to respect freedom of speech. Of course they have run to “friendly” media to vent their spleen.

These paragons of progressive virtue signalling “need to be shown the door”. Their leader, Trustee Rizzo, a pathological contravener of the law, code of conduct is, by at least three objective indicators, illegally in office.

Her minions include an ambitious Trustee De Domenico, accused of being, misogynist and inveterate disseminator of untruths whose breaches of the Trustee code of conduct would fill Toronto Harbour if people took pen to paper. Trustee Di Pasquale actions give weasels a bad rap; Trustee Li Preti’s demonstrated unfounded presumption has achieved legendary dimensions.

These are the people who would replace the Cardinal’s guidance on the Catholic ethic.

They swore and oath of allegiance to him and the Church three weeks ago. They defy him and the Church daily.

It is getting awfully close to “now or never” time, your Eminence.

Note: we reached out to trustees for comment prior to go to print, with no responses.

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