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Toronto ranked among the best cities in the world for remote work

TORONTO – Advances in technology and digital connectivity has made life a lot more convenient. If you can connect to some sort of network, you can communicate with anyone and work from almost anywhere.
According to the 2021 Work-from-Anywhere Index by Nestpick, (a digital on-demand housing platform), Toronto ranked #12 among the top 75 cities worldwide for working remotely. In fact, two other Canadian cities rank in the top 40 with Montreal at #9 and Vancouver at #39.

The study looked at a number of indicators including costs, infrastructure, legislation and livability. Other elements like income tax, gender equity, healthcare and high-speed internet accessibility also factored into the overall index. Scores from each category were tabulated then averaged to create a final ranking based on each city’s total score.

Toronto, the most populous city in Canada, is well known for its diversity. It is a metropolis that is culturally rich and attracts people from all walks of life. Since scoring high marks in categories of access to healthcare, freedom & rights and gender & LGBTQ+ equality, it is not surprising the city is a draw for those who prefer a remote work model.

Those similar attributes also landed Toronto among the top least stressful cities in the world.

Covid-19 has definitely changed several aspects of our daily lives. One silver lining of the pandemic, is that for the professional lives of many, an adaptation to the world of remote work was necessary.

As infection rates decrease, vaccination rates increase and more places of business re-open, the continuation of remote work and hybrid models may be a lasting effect of the impacts of Covid-19. This type of work scheme has opened up opportunities for workers and employers no longer bound by geographic limitations.

With that in mind, Melbourne, Australia tops the list of cities that are best prepared to attract the “work-from-anywhere” individual. The city scored favourably in categories such as cost of living, culture & leisure and it was cheaper to rent a home office space.

According to the study’s formula, the average rent for an apartment per bedroom in Melbourne is equivalent about $996 CAD. In Toronto, that average jumps to roughly $1,125 to rent a home office space.

Researchers also evaluated the ease with which foreigners were able to work remotely in various geographical locations. For instance, Rome, ranked #62 on the list (below), requires self-employed persons who work remotely for foreign customers to obtain a Freelancer Visa. This is designed to protect the working ecosystem while allowing the “work-from-anywhere” class to enjoy the benefits of remote work in “la dolce vita” country.

More cities are adapting to this work style as the trend gains momentum and popularity. Through the study, Omer Kucukdere, Founder and CEO of Nestpick observed that “high-earners are leaving business-focused cities to live in places that offer better day-to-day lifestyles, taking their purchasing power with them”. As communities look to rebound post pandemic, the benefits of this new breed of worker can provide that much needed economic boost.

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