MP Genuis shares his view
of a prosperous nation

TORONTO – As anticipation builds for the call of a national election, there is no doubt things will be a little different for the campaign trail in the midst of a pandemic. Despite concerns that Canada may be at the start of a fourth wave, politicians have an obligation to get out in the community and spread their message.

Albeit a fair distance from his home riding of Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, MP Garnett Genuis paid a visit to the Corriere Canadese to address some questions on the minds of Canadians.

For Canadians, health and safety is top of mind as the country navigates through the pandemic. What other issues exist besides Covid-19?
“One of the key issues coming out of Covid-19 is the economic recovery. Canadians want to know what that will look like. If we want a prosperous country for generations to come, we need to get public finances under control, support economic development and secure a future in terms of immigration and national security”.

How do you suppose the country can manage its finances with a $1 Trillion dollar debt?
“The debt situation is unprecedented. As part of the economic recovery, we need to focus on all sectors of the economy including the energy sector and critical resources such as oil and gas. We also need to consider the security of the energy supply and more supports for all manufacturing sectors. These components have driven Canada’s economic success in the past and need to be a part of the nation’s continued growth. There is immense opportunity in Canada and we need to put in place policies that restore confidence and encourage investment”.

Where does immigration fit into that future plan?
“A key element in Canada’s future success is to strengthen the immigration system and make it work better. It is not enough to say the system is flawed. We need policies that minimize the delays, backlogs and stress people experience while navigating the immigration process. Part of that is to introduce a Credential Recognition Task Force to develop strategies that help newcomers maximize their success and contributions to the Canadian economy”.

What are your views on the issue of National security?
“As a country, we need to take the issue of National security more seriously. It may not be the biggest issue in terms of economic recovery but it is a significant element in the success of the nation. As the Vice-Chair of the Special Committee on Canada/China relations, we have been able to identify several gaps in regards to Canada’s response on the security front. We have also been able to propose solutions to those issues. We see the value in certain forms of engagement and we also see the need to identify the parameters of protecting our own interests”.

What is your vision for the future of Canada?
“It is one that maintains strength and builds upon the commitment to freedom, to justice for all and to prosperity. The work continues in putting forward policy proposals to maintain the connection with those values and develop better solutions for the long-term”.

(Photo credit: Elections Canada)

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