Political correctness at the expense
of accurate reporting

di Priscilla Pajdo del 8 March 2022

TORONTO - What are citizens to do when the nation’s most expensive, publicly funded, news agency produces information pieces designed to inform and instruct that, in some cases, do neither? You be the judge. For example, an article appeared on the CBC website on March 6: “Man, 69, arrested after 2 people sexually assaulted at subway stations”.

The assault should be of concern to anyone and everyone, especially if they travel by subway. The police, it seems, took the allegations of assault seriously. Yet, there is no indication of the nature of the sexual assault, or any specific details such as the age and gender of the victims, nor of the relationship between the offender and his victims, if any.

In Toronto, one of the most diverse cities in the world, both ethnically and racially, the arresting officer also decided not to disclose either of these identifying characteristics.

The producer/editor of the CBC article chose to not identify anyone, although Toronto Police Services (TPS) in their press release named the 69-year-old man as Mosleh Ibrahim of Toronto. Constable Caroline de Kloet, a Media Relations Officer of the TPS said the investigator, at his/her discretion chose to not reveal the victims’ names. That lies within the jurisdiction of the Court – in this instance, Criminal Court.

Canada has a broad definition of sexual assault. It includes all unwanted sexual conduct, such as unwanted grabbing, kissing, fondling as well as rape. Any form of sexual activity is only legal when both parties consent.

The accused was arrested on February 27, 2022 and charged with two counts of sexual assault. It is alleged he assaulted two different victims on two different days between February 22 and February 27. The alleged assaults occurred on TTC property at the Main Street Subway Station (in the pic above / TTC) and Warden Subway Station. He appeared in court on February 28.

According to a spokesperson for the Ontario Court of Justice, the court set bail on March 1, 2022. The accused is scheduled back before the courts at 444 Yonge St., College Park on March 30, 2022.

P. Pajdo is a Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

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