Alejandra Bravo challenges
Julie Dzerowicz in Davenport

TORONTO – This federal election will be a short one with Canadians casting their votes on September 20. As candidates hit the campaign trail, today’s focus is the electoral district of Davenport.

A Traditional Liberal riding, represented for almost three decades by Carletto Caccia, who was elected in the Pierre Trudeaumania sweep in 1968. He was preceded by Lester Pearson’s Finance Minister, Walter Gordon. The riding was and remains heavily working class. Although the population is now more diverse it was an attraction for the early post war Italian immigrants because of the many factories in the west and south.

The Conservatives have yet to appoint their candidate.

The NDP candidate, Alejandra Bravo was unavailable. Julie Dzerowicz, the current Liberal MP, is now facing her third election. She defeated an incumbent NDP Andrew Cash in 2015.

Dzerowicz said the main issues align with the National concerns addressed by her Party and her focus will be on sustainability, economic renewal, housing affordability and the needs of Seniors and families.

The Greens and the People’s Party of Canada also have candidates, Adrian Currie and Tara Dos Remedios respectively.

They were also unavailable for comment before going to print.

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