Canada Post opens second
onsite vaccination clinic

di Priscilla Pajdo del May 21, 2021

TORONTO - With an influx of vaccine supply, pop-up clinics appear to be springing up all over the place. Such is the case at Canada Post (CPC). The Canada Post Corporation (CPC), together with the Ministry of Ontario and public health partners will begin to offer onsite vaccines to its employees, and their families, at the Gateway facility (4567 Dixie Rd., Mississauga), starting today (May 21).

This is the second onsite clinic for CPC employees, but the first to include their family members. On May 18, a two-day mobile clinic offered vaccines to CPC workers at a facility in Toronto.

More vaccines mean more opportunities for people to get their shot. Canada was expected to receive some 2 million doses of Pfizer and 1.1 million doses of Moderna by the end of this week. According to an update from the federal government, both companies were planning to ship an additional 1.4 million doses, for a total of 4.5 million vaccine doses in just one week.

As supply continues to pour into the country, it is no coincidence then that the CPC has made vaccines more accessible to its employees. In cooperation with Peel Public Health and the Ministry of Ontario, the on-site clinic will operate for a period of time, 7-days a week from 8am-4pm, including the holiday Monday (May24).

Initially, the clinic was set to offer all CPC employees and contractors in the Region of Peel the opportunity to get their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. According to the latest communications from the Canada Post Corporation (CPC), the clinic will now be available to anyone who works at a CP facility - including their family members, aged 12 years and older - in the GTA and surrounding areas. Employees are encouraged to book their appointments through the company’s secure online booking portal.

A statement from CPC reads: “Vaccines are one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and reduce the impact of disease”. The Gateway facility employs close to 4,500 employees and was the site of multiple Covid outbreaks earlier this year.

One employee who contracted Covid-19 died amid an outbreak declared in January, during which more than 220 workers tested positive for the virus. Following another outbreak at a Toronto facility, a second CPC employee died after contracting the virus.

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