St. Rita at Marylake LTC,
letter to the Ministry of LTC:
“We demand transparency”

TORONTO – The specter of a demolition of the Marylake Augustinian Monastery continues to worry and infuriate the King City community, which has also taken legal action to prevent the monastery from being demolished. There were many reactions to our article published last Monday. There are also many points to be clarified in this matter. It was precisely in order to receive official answers that Ann Raney wrote an email to Ashley Seo, Chief of Staff at the Ontario Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility and the Ministry of Long-Term Care asking questions that go straight to the heart of the problem.

Since the webpage listing information related to the public consultation does not indicate that a decision has been made or what No. 24-007 refers to, the King City residents asked how to know if a permit to build a long-term care home has been issued or if a decision has been made. And if so, what it is and when exactly was it issued.

As required by the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights, the public must be notified of a decision or issuance of a license in this case, and as of the hypothetical date, they have 15 days to file an appeal. “Therefore it is essential that the date of the decision is provided and that the information is published where people expect it to be such as the https://www.ontario.ca/page/ontarios-long-term-care-licensing-public-consultation-registry#24-007 page,” Ann Raney wrote. “The Ministry of Long Term Care is reviewing a proposal by St. Rita at Mary Lake Long Term Care Home to license the St. Rita at Mary Lake Long Term Care Home – King City, a 160-bed long-term care home to be built at 13760 Keele Street, King City, Ontario.”

However, the press release on the Ontario News Release (https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1003680/ontario-breaks-ground-on-long-term-care-home-in-king-city) does not indicate precisely when a license was issued for an LTC Home […yet], “Construction is underway on St. Rita at Marylake, a new long-term care home in King Township. This home is one of 67 long-term care home projects… “Congratulations to St. Rita of Marylake Long-Term Care Home for inaugurating work on the new facility,” said Stan Cho, Minister of LTC, “a significant milestone for King City. Once the facility is completed, 160 residents will have a new, modern and comfortable place to call home.”

From these words it seems that the construction of the new LTC is now a done deal. But the King Township community wants clarity on the matter. So far, there doesn’t seem to be any transparency here.

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