Even Jason Kenney
can do the right thing

TORONTO – Premier Jason Kenney has rarely been the target of any complimentary commentary or editorials by the Corriere Canadese – and for well-deserved reasons. In that vein, we think it proper to acknowledge that even he can on occasion see the obvious and compliment him on doing the right thing when he removed [former] Justice Minister and Solicitor General Kaycee Madu from his post.

The message: the law applies to those in public office just as it does to the rest of us.

Mr. Madu had received a police notice of violation for using a telephone device while operating a vehicle. He called police authorities to address the matter.

That in itself is a no no. several Ministers have had to resign when found out.

Just to be clear, the official statements from the Premier’s office point out that Mr. Madu paid hi fine but then wanted to clear things up with the Chief of police. Apparently, he wanted to make sure that he had not been stopped because some random police officer, engaging in racial profiling stopped him and then seized on the occasion to issue him a ticket.

Mr. Madu insisted the phone was in his inside pocket. Premier Kenney could have insisted that the case be brought before a Justice of the Peace to dig into the facts of the matter, for everyone’s benefit. He is not that foolish.

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