TORONTO – Incredible how some people react to news they see as incomplete. The group advancing the candidacy of Dennis Mills, former, sixteen-year MP for Danforth (1988-2004) has been inundating our office with calls in support of his candidacy.

They point to his leadership abilities tested in the maelstrom of turbulent years at Parliament Hill, when he lead the communications team under Pierre Trudeau, salvaged and brought credibility to the Jean Chretien leadership effort upon the latter’s resignation. They are right.

Dennis Mills (in the pic above, from was at the heart of the first Papal visit to Toronto and bringing some 1,000,000 of the faithful to Downsview. Later he was part of a whirlwind team marshalling patriotic Canadians to collectively provide support, energy and resources to the successful referendum campaign that restored Canadians to their senses.

In the caucus that represented Toronto, he was a constant advocate for the Arts, the conservation of the environmental assets of the city and for an intelligent, balanced plan to develop the city. His network of activists across the broadest spectrum of interests was, and remains, unparalleled. From a cultural diversity perspective, he was among the first to integrate newer Canadians into the political-economic mainstream.

One former colleague who, like Dennis served as Parliamentary Secretary, and an obvious fan, said “what this city needs is someone who can steer its direction back with efficiency, efficacy and purpose. We should just start this ball rolling.”

Mr. Mills had not returned calls at the time of going to print. Those close to him insist he is giving the proposal serious consideration.

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