An Update on York
Catholic School Board

It is reassuring, if not comforting and self-congratulatory, to acknowledge receipt of feedback to our articles respecting issues and values of significance to the readership community the Corriere Canadese represents, even if it comes in a form of rebuke for not having included personalities who would enhance the merits of our assessments.

Thank you to our readers who draw these to our attention and double thanks to those who also add constructive suggestions. To them both, after having reviewed our notes and delved even further into the background of candidates who offer themselves for the single most critical issue in the lives of the families in York region – the education of their children and in particular, Catholic education – we want to update the list of those whom we recommend receive your vote.

In the brief time Frank Alexander has been on the Board, he has proven himself as an asset to Catholic education. He should receive your vote. Two other candidates, Joe Di Meo and Angela Grella are not new to education matters. They also should be supported.

From the top, left: candidates Frank Alexander, Angela Grella and Joseph Di Meo

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