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A topsy-turvy world: a culture of drive by smears over reason

TORONTO – Somewhere along the line, we must have lost sight of “purpose in and of life”. For that matter, the culture of government serving the needs and purposes of its citizens, while bringing dignity to the shared human experience within the borders under its jurisdiction, seems to have become just as passe’.

The major themes of the day for governments run the full gamut of running for cover lest extreme lobbyists hound them into submission, to advocating issues over which they have no authority or resources to influence.

Data-based directions follow the same pattern. Yet the data is there and mined by government-funded, respectable, objective non-partisan institutions a’ la’ Statistics Canada and its counterpart organizations around the world. These are not designed to be “populist”, but to be used in a measured way.

One need go no further than to examine, however superficially, the foundational characteristics of our Confederacy: Compromise and [jurisdictional] partnership in growth embedded in a rights based convention – a Constitution. At the risk of leaning on Biblical scriptures, we are slowly abandoning measured responses such as, give unto Caesar what is Caesar and to God what is God’s. It would appear that Caesar is neither forgiving nor tolerant.

No, I am not talking about Vladimir Putin, or as President Biden call him an SOB (he probably meant F******SOB, but more polite linguists would not publish that), but about the ‘arrogance’ and ‘discrimination’ that some provincial premiers showed in introducing legislative measures preventing schools from shutting parents from participation in ‘gender’ issues related to their non adult children. Sarcasm?

These are the same children who cannot legally drive a car, vote or sign an enforceable contract. Being a parent is a tough task at the best of times. Most people send their children to schools to learn the skills and art of success in the world that is to come… to be good citizens, to question values as presented by those who have “no skin in the game” – no long term purpose. For the ideologically driven, parental responsibility does not equate parental rights, therefore, parents must be prevented from guiding their own children, especially on gender and sexuality.

Aside from personal dignity (rightly or wrongly, some associate that with “morality”), sexuality and procreation are essential for the demographic sustainability of the population… without immigration. That birth rate has been collapsing like a stone, according to Statistics Canada for the last 65 years.

The chart above (from Statistics Canada) suggests two main reasons. The fact of the matter is that Canadian women appear less interested in child bearing just as [any country] requires them to have 2.1 children if the country’s economy and demographics are to flourish.  Today in Canada the birth rate is 1.3 per woman. But it is the same everywhere. In Britain, the birth rate stands at 1.49 per woman of child-bearing age. In Italy, it is a mere 1.2. Over the last ten years, more than 1,000 illegal [refugees/immigrants] daily enter Italy from parts unknown.

Last year, Canada had 650,000 “Visa students”, about 25% of the student population in post-secondary institutions.

So what was the top priority of the vaunted Pharmacare Accord struck by Singh and Trudeau? Free contraceptives for everyone.

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