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Kike Ojo-Thompson’s Veiled Racism

No, with all due respect – even as you show none – you are not just asking questions about why the Italian community did not take to the streets with flags and trumpets when Italian sprinter Marcell Jacobs won the 100 metre dash at the Olympics. Your not-so-subtle innuendo is that Italian Canadians are racists and do not care about the achievement of one of their mixed-race athletes.

Please reiterate that this was not your intention and explain why you felt the urge to express yourself thus. You may not know it but Jacobs was featured prominently on the FRONT page of North America’ s only hard copy Italian Daily newspaper, the Corriere Canadese.

Italians respect, admire and celebrate excellence, drive, determination and “class”. Your tweet regrettably falls short on all counts. Please familiarize yourself with the Italian culture and value structure before you embarrass yourself and all those who make genuine efforts to bring people together.

After you do, you will be welcomed as a guest columnist in our pages.

Here below, the articles published on Corriere Canadese’s and CNMNG agency’s website on Sunday and the newspaper’s pages published today.

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