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A hero for parental rights

TORONTO – Canada is a fine-tuned, sophisticated and nuanced “democratic” country governed by a Constitutional Monarchy, guided by a Constitution that sets out specific authorities and allocates them to geopolitical jurisdictions (Provinces). Its citizens enjoy civil rights as interpreted in that context and that of a Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Just to frame the discussion and without intending offence to anyplace or people mentioned below, among those “semi-autonomous” provinces and territories, “size does not matter”.

New Brunswick, a maritime province on the East Coast, has an area equal to 25% of the size of Italy. Its population is roughly equivalent to the population of Mississauga, Ontario – just under 800,000 residents, a mere 1.3% that of Italy and only one half the number of those who self-identify ethnically/culturally as Italian in Canada. It is also the only officially bilingual province in the country.

When its Premier speaks, it is worth listening. In the late eighties, the attempt to rewrite and reconfigure the Constitution as a Meech Lake Accord ran aground when then Premier Mc Kenna said, “thank you but no thank you”.

Ideologues in the “culture wars” of today are running into a roadblock in New Brunswick as Premier Higgs plants his Standard in defense of parental rights in schools. “How dare he!”, shout radical activists whose view of life begins and ends with a “gender ideology” and consequent actions that flow from its expression or affirmation, regardless of age or “social responsibility”.

It is important to appreciate that the Higgs government (Conservative) is not taking away “rights” from anyone. It sought to clarify some lines of reporting and decision-making in schools as they pertain to minors – children under the age of eighteen.

New Brunswick Premier, Blaine Higgs (Twitter – @premierbhiggs)

It may be useful to recall that the Law does not deem valid any contract, written or otherwise, in which one of the parties is a minor – unless a parent or legal guardian co-signs. It is how society has collectively agreed to protect minors [from themselves and from others]. Try buying insurance, securing a valid driver’s license, a house etc.,

It is convention, buttressed by Law, that people under the age of eighteen are not deemed sufficiently mature and capable of making decisions and commitments with a full understanding of potential outcomes as a contracting partner who is of “legal age” might be. Parents end up assuming the liabilities, moral and/or legal.

Higgs’ government has introduced changes in education that would require parents provide written consent before teachers agree to address students with their preferred pronoun (seriously of not). As well, teachers might be required to consult parents if a child “manifests” gender dysphoria and that said parents be present if a child psychologist is brought in to examine the child.

A couple of Higgs’ ministers disagreed and voted against the measures. He changed them. Some federal politicians decided to intervene with views that have nothing to do with their jurisdictional roles.

Somehow their cries of “discrimination” ring hollow. So does their “concern” that the home may not be a “safe place”. That may be for some. Those may well be the exceptions that prove the rule. The parental protests everywhere are increasing in size and in volume as they chant “leave our kids alone!”

Happy Canada Day!

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