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TCDSB, light at the end
of the tunnel?

TORONTO – It is only a first step, but for defenders of the Constitutionally mandated catholic Schools system in Ontario, the vote to establish a new executive at the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) on November 25 augurs positively.

Trustees at the TCDSB sent a clear message to woke zealots whose goal appears to be the elimination of Catholicism from the school system: “enough with your nonsense”. Those are the words of trustee Di Giorgio. He was echoing the views of the many who contacted the Corriere to applaud the decision.

They had enough of the hi-jacking the educational agenda and preventing others from doing what is best for the children under their care and respecting mothers and fathers who have put their trust in Catholic education. Daniel Di Giorgio is credited with having brought together the moderates on the Board.

Their objective was to clear out all of the wokeists (De Domenico, Di Pasquale, Li Preti and Rizzo) and “their nonsense”.

Judging from the results of the votes for Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs, this foursome was “shut out”.

In fact, when it came to vote for a trustee on the LGBTQ2 Advisory Committee, De Domenico, one of their candidates, received zero votes (as you can see in the video below). That means he did not vote for himself and that his allies did not think the vote was worthy of their confidence.

“It is ironic that someone who allegedly is advocating on behalf of this group received 0 votes to sit on the subject committee”, commented Di Giorgio.

Several Catholic electors, as defined by the Education Act, have already written to offer congratulations and support to the trustees in their new roles as Chairs and/or Vice-Chairs:

Student Achievement and Well Being, Catholic Education and Human Resources Committee – Chair: Trustee Nancy Crawford; Vice-Chair: Trustee Mike Del Grande.

Corporate Services, Strategic Planning and Property Committee – Chair: Teresa Lubinski; Vice- Chair: Trustee Daniel Di Giorgio.

Governance and Policy Committee – Chair: Trustee Garry Tanuan; Vice-Chair: Trustee Nancy Crawford.

Supervised Alternative Learning – Trustee Teresa Lubinski.

Catholic Parent Involvement Committee – Trustee Garry Tanuan.

Trustee Angela Kennedy is the new Chair and trustee Frank D’Amico is the Vice Chair.

Wokeists, who may not even Catholic electors (as defined by the Education Act), have taken to social media to decry the outcomes. They continue to enjoy the option of sending their children to coterminous, publicly funded school boards, if they so choose.

Two trustees of the above foursome are not registered as Catholic electors. The ethics of their on-going presence where they do not Constitutionally (legally) belong continue to be of concern, whether one is Catholic or not.

In that vein, a similar vote will take place in the first week of December in Halton. Its problems are equally serious in that one of their nine trustees, Nancy Guzzo, a wokeist, is facing twelve [criminal] counts of fraud. There is a resolution meeting on November 29 in advance of the court date, December 21.

She refuses to recuse herself from any Board deliberations in the interim. This presents a challenge on several fronts, especially for LiUNA, her former employer, the generator of those charges. It is conceivable that LiUNA and the prosecution could cause the withdrawal of all charges to clear her name.

It might be a challenge then to fend off accusations that the union was engaging in frivolous, perhaps vexatious, use of the courts for individual corporate purpose.

NB: an earlier version of the above originally appeared in our online edition on Friday

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