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Supreme Court of Canada
won’t hear appeal of Theodore case

THEODORE – A legal battle over funding for Catholic schools in Saskatchewan appears to be over. As reported by CKOM NEWS, the Supreme Court of Canada said Thursday it won’t hear an appeal by the Good Spirit School Division (GSSD), which was seeking to overturn a decision regarding funding of the school in Theodore (in the pic, St. Theodore School).

On March 25 of last year, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ruled unanimously in favour of an appeal of the Theodore case. That overturned a 2017 ruling saying it was unconstitutional for the provincial government to pay for non-Catholic students to attend Catholic schools.

The successful appeal meant the current system of public and separate schools would remain in Saskatchewan. Now, the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the case appears to reaffirm that stance.

“We are relieved and reassured by this decision, and we believe it can be considered a victory for both religious and parental rights and freedoms,” Tom Fortosky, the executive director of the Saskatchewan Catholic School Boards Association, said in a statement.

“Even though the Government of Saskatchewan assured us they would do whatever is necessary to protect your choice for your child’s education, this decision definitively confirms what we have said and believed all along: Parents know what is best for their children and they should be able to choose Catholic, faith-based education if that is what they want — no matter their reasons, faith backgrounds or traditions.”

Premier Scott Moe also issued a statement, saying the province supports parent and student choice in education.

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