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Hate campaign, threats
to Corriere: “How you all die,
Italian wop community”

TORONTO – Hate campaign against Corriere Canadese, started after our newspaper denounced the presence of pornographic material on a site hosted by the website of the Catholic superintendent of Toronto (in the pic, our article published on January 8th ). Yesterday a threatening email arrived in the editorial office, sent by a certain Tom Gerylo: “Yours, hopefully. How you all die. You hate on the LGBTQ2A community and I’ll hate on your Italian wop community. F ..k you. Eat s..t “. The police is investigating.

Corriere Canadese, through its articles, had highlighted how inappropriate it is the presence of certain contents accessible directly from the Toronto Catholic District School Board website and for this alone – for having carried out its role as an information organ – it was accused to be a promoter of hatred towards the LGBTQ2 community. Accusation that even came from politicians elected in City Hall and from trustees elected in TCDSB itself.

What could have been a constructive exchange of ideas has been shipwrecked in pure defamation: Corriere Canadese was therefore forced to move also on the legal front, with a lawsuit. And of course it will continue to do his job, in total freedom and without fear.

Read the comment by the editor in chief Francesco Veronesi: Media ethics, distortion of the facts and amid death threats


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