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Pride: new religion, new
philosophy or old strafottenza?

TORONTO – June is gone. Too bad. Reasonable and rational adults were showing signs of questioning the value of unstated philosophies associated with flag waving and inclusion. They attention had been drawing (critically) to the failings of some social institutions – primarily the ability of our school systems to prepare our children for a productive healthy life as citizens in our country.

This past academic year, 2022-2023, has been highlighted by individual teachers, School Board trustees and administrators who appear to have forgotten that their careers are first and foremost “a calling”. Whether a representative in a Public District or Catholic District Board the role and duties may be inscribed in law, but the Catholic District insists that its people be motivated by a vocation that is also protected by that same law.

Increasingly, radical activists, whose weapon of choice is demonization of anyone who holds a different view, have taken to cries of “defunding catholic schools”. One must ask why anyone doing his or her job gives them the time of day.

An article by Amelia Gentleman in the UK Guardian, July 6, 2023, highlights the decision of a n English Court to dismiss a petition by a Transgender organization (Mermaids) to disallow a designation of Charitable Status to an LGB organization (read the article here).

Gentleman posited that “a different ruling could have left other charities vulnerable to legal challenges by institutions with conflicting outlooks.” Just what radical activists have been proposing in Ontario.

England’s Charity Commission, relieved, said: “We understand both charities hold opposing views, but when engaging in public debate and campaigning, they should do so with respect and tolerance. Demonising and undermining those who think differently is not acceptable behaviour from any charity on our register.”

The legal discussion pitched the LGB Alliance’s position that there are only two sexes and that gender is a social construct against Mermaids’ position that the gender identity of trans people should be affirmed. The case focused attention on increasingly divisive debates over sex and gender.

According to the Guardian, “the judges said it was important that “competing views, opinions and policies are publicly debated and exposed to public scrutiny…”

Radical activists in Ontario, particularly in Catholic District School Boards (Toronto, Halton, Niagara, Waterloo, Renfrew come to mind) have started to use the police to press their point. They were already aggressively pushing in the Courts and now even individual legal action in the strangest of guises to intimidate and discredit people they have already disdainfully labeled as “haters”.

Still, they are a small group. One of that group, Paolo De Buono, was recently depicted in an unflattering light by a renowned journalist. Mr. PdeB had been mysteriously absent from duties the day after some parents protested outside his school for his in-class nonsense. Police were called. He was “given the boot”.

He took to social media in defiance. Secondly, he stalked one of his colleagues until he discovered her place of residence and personally served her with an intent to sue for defamation.

The Committee to expose dishonest and incompetent judges, attorneys and public Officials gave him the title of Ethical Elf. The Law Society of Ontario issued a severe reprimand in his regard. He found refuge in teaching junior elementary school age children.

Brendan Browne, Director of Education at the TCDSB thinks he is a model teacher. At the moment to print, Browne had not answered our questions.

Brendan Browne, director of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, in a photo taken from his Twitter page – @TCDSBdirector

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