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At Villa the end of a dark regime 

TORONTO – Finally our collective efforts with you and Mike Colle at the front have finally brought down the regime of the incompetent President Anthony DiCaita. However, he didn’t act alone.

He and his complicit board, under cover of darkness, changed the charity from being a public charity to a private charity. This resulted in a total loss of transparency contrary to the mission statement of Villa Charities.

Then they systematically tried to destroy the Columbus Centre, with the waiting developers salivating to get their hands on the beautiful lands and leaving the reputation of Villa Charities in tatters. All members of the board were in full agreement. This action should have been done 3 years ago.

Is there a culminating incident that brought the end of his rule? Personally l think the Chair person of the Board owes the community a fully transparent reason how and why everything went wrong and why the Board didn’t act sooner.


Elliott Posen

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