ADVERTISEMENT: Our Lady of Gratitude

Come pray with us as an act of gratitude to our Blessed Mother Mary.
The Marian Shrine of Gratitude, a testament to God’s love and a beacon of hope, is not just a physical structure but a symbol of our faith and devotion. It is a gift to Toronto, a treasure we must safeguard for future generations to experience and cherish. This shrine has a rich history, serving as a place of healing and spiritual renewal for over two decades.
Our God is a God of Love. He is merciful, but He is also just. For twenty years, we had the privilege of witnessing healings upon healings at 3100 Weston Road, the site of the Marian Shrine of Gratitude. These beautiful acts of love from the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ mercy and Our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart are there to grasp and have, serving as a testament to the power of faith and devotion.
Numerous medical documents attest to this fact. Fr. Basil Cembalista’s book chronicles many healings in his lifetime alone. How do we show our gratitude- given the times we live in? How do we become a witness to His mercy- even when situations are dire and seemingly hopeless? Do we stand up for our faith, publicly deny or profess our miracles with our lips, and look up to Him among the crowds with gratitude to God? Do we say thank you only once or when events happen how we like them? Or are we a people of constancy and perseverance, always keeping promises to help and support our cause?
In light of this, we urgently ask you, our dear friends, to please help and show that you are forever grateful to our Lady of Gratitude. Show up on May 11 at 3100 Weston Road—show the world that we are never giving up, that we are not silent and passive about the events of the day, that we have a God who cares, who knows the deepest recesses of our hearts, and who will always be there for us—come rain or shine. He is not the God looking down from heaven, only watching us and playing a deaf ear to our cries – He is alive!
For two decades, our loving Mother,—the sweetest Mother of all—has cradled us by granting our prayers and petitions. It is about time that we show her that She is our Lady of Gratitude. Remember Fatima, Portugal: the shrine visited by millions worldwide and still actively witnessing miracles. Once, it was almost impossible to have the shrine in that particular place, given post-war Europe’s political and social issues. The power of many drove the whole world to witness a shrine built! Thousands converged and let their voice known! Do you want to see our beloved shrine once more? Do you want others to believe we can overcome this struggle with God’s help?
We are not giving up our hope of one day visiting an extraordinary place in Toronto- but God can work miracles through us! He needs us to pray and work together once again! Your presence and participation are crucial to the success of this event and our collective expression of gratitude

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