TORONTO – John Tory, now former mayor of Toronto, resigned his post Friday in what appeared to be a hastily put together announcement/press conference. For those with short memory-spans, Mr. Tory won the election held last October 24 (three months ago) by such a wide margin that he might as well have been acclaimed.

At the time, there were at least two issues that could have served as “alarm bells” for anyone concerned with ethics and democratic correctness in government.

One, Mr. Tory had been/continued to be remunerated for his position on one of the boards of the Rogers media conglomerate, while drawing a salary as mayor of Toronto. Some considered that to be a conflict of interest, and inappropriate.

Two, the Province (Premier Ford) was proposing a “strong mayor” legislation for two cities in Ontario, Toronto being one. Later, it was revealed that Mr. Tory “lobbied” for the legislation that would allow him [the mayor] to by-pass Council if he could count on one third (1/3) of Council members. Eight of 24 Councillors promptly declared obeisance to Tory, thus making him virtually untouchable in office.

For those who consider “sexual improprieties” to be a cause for dismissal (resignation or ‘firing’) they should note that, in a woke environment [nurtured and promoted by Mr. Tory], this is the most improbable reason for vacating office. What one does, how and with whom, may be salacious for gossip mongers and moralists but it is no longer a sign of ethical rectitude or lack thereof in office.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence among elected and unelected officials at City Hall [… and elsewhere…] to buttress that reality. So, the question in the headline suggested by one of our junior staff remains valid and intriguing.

This is, was and should be an issue between Mr. Tory and his wife. By his admission, it is not of recent occurrence. He may be penitent, and his family forgiving, but his resignation has the effect of making everyone aware that all is not well in the Tory household.

Moreover, the public airing of a personal matter has the markings of a deliberate strategy to “set the narrative” for something else. Something that impacts us all. What?

With all due respect to his immediate family, the speculation – and it is only that so far – rebounding among the cognoscenti who have contacted the Corriere is that it is something much bigger.

People are “waiting for the other shoe to drop”.

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