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Time to put sexualized virtue-signalling thugs in their place

TORONTO – I feel badly for the Toronto Catholic School Board (TCDSB) and for Catholic school boards everywhere in Ontario. My personal feelings don’t prevent me or the Corriere Canadese from critiquing or criticizing the work that the organization is supposed to be devolving on behalf of the families and children it is mandated to serve – Catholic ratepayers. Everyone else has the public system as a default, “go to” educational system.
Until earlier in this century, the public system was funded much more generously. The majority of schools in the “public district” school boards house their students in structures that catholic districts can only envy. Nevertheless, militant radical, self-proclaimed advocates of “non-religious” value structure (the LGBTQ2+) have taken aim to tear the system down.
Their tactics are insidious, malicious and designed to tar and feather anyone who does not agree with them.
At the TCDSB, with the help and connivance of some destructive trustees, they have seized control of due process to dictate an agenda no self-respecting adult would foist on any child. It is one that Ben Levin, former Deputy Minister of Education, convicted child pornographer, convinced former Premier Kathleen Wynne (an openly lesbian politician who left her male husband for another woman) to implement. That’s her business.
People judged her on political merit. Her value structure is none of our business. Unfortunately, she has followers who want to make it so. Moreover, they demand the rest of the world adopt their brand of religious obligations by threatening prosecution under Human Rights Code (HRC) provisions.
None of these provisions can apply under the Education Act and the Constitution of Canada to denominational (Catholic) schools. They can insist until they are “blue in the face” that the Catholic catechism contributes to systemic homophobia but the enjoyment of human rights is not necessarily enhanced by the sexualization of those rights.
Threatening those who point that out by going to advertisers, employers or the judicial system to exact retribution does not make their position more valid. Yet, on an international basis, the LGBTQ2+ community has challenged the European Union to punish Poland for democratically electing a President who campaigned openly against gender ideology.
Locally, they have worked themselves up into a frenzy because one of their leaders, a Nicole Richard (PHD candidate) has convinced otherwise rational men and women that “gender mis categorization” is a quasi-criminal act, or that words like male/female, boy/girl are invitations to bullying.
Like Paolo De Buono, she has taken to twitter to offer snippets of thought to encourage readers that wanton sexual behaviour is somehow socially preferable to an approach built on sexual reproductive purpose and respectful moderation. Maybe it’s time to put an end to that nonsense. The TCDSB can begin by ridding itself of outside legal counsel that promotes itself as a defender of “diversity” values which run counter to its religious and constitutional obligations.
Their interest is patently exclusively commercial. Secondly, it is also time that Catholics stop apologizing for being inclusive, tolerant, accepting and start demanding respect for their values and institutions.
They have the economic and political power to support their demand that “moral” thuggery by “virtue signalling” trustees like De Domenico, Di Pasquale, Li Preti and Rizzo come to an end.
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