TORONTO - In Canada il mercato dei cellulari è il più vasto e in rapida espansione nel settore delle telecomunicazioni. Nel 2017, secondo le statistiche rilasciate dalla CRTC (Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission), il mercato al dettaglio ha prodotto $24,5 miliardi di entrate, $1,24 in più dell’anno precedente, con 31,7 milioni di abbonati. Un mercato illimitato […]
TORONTO - Charles Dickens, one of great stature in English Literature, might have described the corporate ethic and culture of Rogers Communication as: “I must have everything so that you can have less than nothing”. CorrCan Media group was one of seven applicants who answered a CRTC call for a national multilingual, multiethnic news from […]
York Catholic: try transparency and proactive communications by The Honourable Joe Volpe, Publisher TORONTO - There is, by all appearances, a vibrant parent community around St Theresa Lisieux Catholic High School in Richmond Hill. It supports the school’s programs. When they can, the parents sponsor, financially, or raise funds for some of the extra-curricular activities. The […]
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