Toronto Catholic District School Board

Some Trustees fed up
with the Shenanigans at the TCDSB
either you are part of the problem
or part of the solution

TORONTO – Daniel Di Giorgio does not stop. The Toronto Catholic trustee District School Board sent two emails – unanswered for now – to the Minister of Public Education Ontario’s Stephen Lecce, asking his intervention for appoint an investigator to do light on handling the charges of non-compliance with the code of conduct, harassment and conflict of interest from 2018 to today. Corriere Canadese has decided to publish the letter to which the minister has not yet responded.   

Dear Minister Lecce,

Please note, I am contacting you in my capacity as an individual trustee.

On Thursday, March 25th, I put forward a motion to the Board of Trustees requesting assistance from the Ministry of Education to ensure good governance at the TCDSB pursuant to the Education Act.

The Board of Trustees did not pass the 3 resolutions incorporated in the motion at the March 25th meeting.

Notwithstanding the Board of Trustees’ failure to pass these resolutions, I am appealing to the Ministry of Education to intervene and take the following action:

1. Appointment of an Investigator under Section 230 of the Education Act to review the TCDSB’s handling of Code of Conduct, harassment and conflict of interest complaints from December 2018 to February 2021.

2. Appointment of an additional Investigator under Section 230 of the Education Act to determine whether the TCDSB complies with Regulations 219 (1) of the Education Act – Qualification of Members.

3. Initiation of a performance review under Ontario Regulation 43/10 – Provincial Interest in Education focusing on the performance of the Board and the Board’s Director of Education in carrying out their respective duties.

March 29, 2021
Daniel Di Giorgio


Dear Minister Lecce,

I am following up on the email below, dated March 29, 2021 because I have not received a response.

Please note I have copied certain relevant stakeholders and media outlets on this follow up email because I consider the issue an urgent matter.

I trust that I will receive a response in the near future. Thank you

April 9, 2021
Daniel Di Giorgio 

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