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Pernicious Censorship
in the Name of Inclusion

TORONTO – I admit to holding the concept that mankind (womankind, humankind, peoplekind) possesses two distinct characteristics: a body and soul – instinct and free will. The latter being the innate (if one is in a state of sound mental health) ability to make a deliberate choice when faced with an alternative, and to accept responsibility for it.

If that sounds “religious” and ideological, I mean no disrespect to the faith groups who espouse the same or similar tenets. Other, non-faith based “thinkers” hold similar perspectives. They argue we all have an obligation to educate ourselves before we can make any decision.

Without putting words in his mouth, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a philosophe of the French Enlightenment in the second half of the 18th century might have agreed. For him, it seemed obvious that, biologically, we are what our parents gave us [flesh and blood] plus what we learn in the course of life [the ability to discern, to know], and to acknowledge accountability in its exercise.

To work, that philosophy requires free and open debate on all issues. Any intimidation or restriction should be condemned as a subversion of the “rule of law” our society has laboured for centuries to establish as the norm.

It may come across as petty, but, the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) has now engaged in the practice of shutting down members who do not hold their woke view of the world. Just imagine that roughly 16% of those who practice Law in Ontario now have the means to “punish” any other lawyer they do not deem “woke enough”.

Try defending your interests (personal or collective) in a Court of Law against the encroachments buttressed by that mind-set. You may be censored before you begin.

Moreover, that elite group is now strategically positioned for first consideration in the event of vacancies in judgeships. They will have the backing of the big downtown firms that sponsored their election in the first place.

How pervasive is this movement? A radical Canadian lobby group is now calling on the Canadian government and the CRTC, its regulatory Agency for broadcasting, to cancel the Canadian broadcast license of the FOX television. FOX disseminates views apparently insensitive to the self esteem of the lobbyists’ clientele.

I do not watch American news outlets. I do occasionally watch RAI International (Italian), BBC (English) and Spanish language programs emanating from Europe. Perhaps they are next, especially if they are associated with the Vatican or with Europe’s only female Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. Both “organizations” are apparently Right of Centre. We report and comment on both.

It’s not speculation. Other reporting outlets were ushered out of a political Party’s convention because its coverage of events apparently spread (on social media) “extremist right-wing views”.

Some of the “offended” knuckleheads are intent on driving an agenda whose end goal is beyond the comprehension of those who work for a living. The latest example of insanity from those who now think only about “tone” and “feelings” manifested itself the other day with what has to be the pinnacle of offence. They want the elimination of Mother’s Day and any celebratory event that highlights the role of women.

My mother and my wife passed away a long time ago. To them, my daughter, my sister, daughters-in-law, sisters-in-law, relatives, friends, staff, and/or their wives and daughters may you enjoy the Happiest of Mothers’ Days.

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