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Enough of practice, it is
finally time to play for real

TORONTO – Our political cycle is quite like sports and the analogies, images and metaphors will reflect overlapping experiences. Those who seek our vote will try to make themselves relevant to our understanding of life or conjure up images that they, or more precisely, their consultants think are important – in the moment.

Those “moments” will be ever so fleeting, fading into the past faster than the latest tweet about… the latest distraction. This election, like so many before it will be about the personalities who try to make sense of those distraction for us. One suspects that their “ideas” will be drowned out by the “echo chambers” that have come to dominate the public discourse. But that is why we have periodic elections.

The Corriere Canadese will continue to encourage informed participation, especially since the number of eligible voters who decide NOT to exercise their franchise has always been high (typically over 40%). Increasingly, people appear content to vent their spleen on Twitter and other social media; and, having done so, are reluctant to move from the comfort of their smartphone to the ballot box.

We will know 30 days from now. In the intervening period, we will try to sort through “gimmicky tactics” and “bafflegab” or attempt to explore the merit in plans and projects that validate provincial vision.

For what they are worth, from a provincial basis, the fundamental issues – indeed, the biggest line items in the Budget – are Health and Education related. There are others of course but these are the ones that fall almost exclusively within Provincial authority (barring Constitutional limitations) and do not require Federal participation, even if nothing prevents the Feds from finding ways to pour money into the province.

Practically, what this means is that, throughout the province, issues about children (their instruction, training, upbringing, their future) and our parents (the elderly represent the age group where we need to spend the bulk of health dollars) should be front and centre. That does not mean there will be no economic issues – construction, finance, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure, etc. – though their impact tends to have more local immediacy.

What is definitely not within provincial authority is the war in Ukraine, even if we may all have an attachment to it outcome. Until agencies (primarily Church related) step up to the plate with plans to relocate the sea of refugees here in Ontario, there is no practical role for our provincial legislators in that discussion.

We propose to hold to account elected officials for the role demanded by their office. Our readers would ask for no less. Our writers will make all efforts to “cut through the haze” and the “moralizing”. We will try to present or expose candidates and issues fairly. Our coverage, given our readership will lean heavily towards the Italian Canadian community. Others will have an equally valid position, seen through their lens.

We may touch upon them, but they must make their own case.

If we all do our part, we may elect the government we want. Otherwise, as the saying goes, we will get the government we deserve.

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