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Enough is enough. Maybe Even Min.
Lecce gets it

TORONTO – The charade unfolding in the HDSB with the transitioning teacher’s antics is an affront to common sense, to public decorum and to professional expectations. Repeatedly, the school community is subjected to threats to its public safety. For several months, Oakville Trafalgar High School, the City of Oakville, the province of Ontario and Canada have been the object of international ridicule as Kyle/Kaila Lemieux flaunts gigantic prosthetic breasts in and out of school.

Until Monday, Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education, had gone missing. Maybe one of the members of his political action groups (erstwhile “Vaughan Working Families” or Nonnas for Stephen) called him up and told him the public has had enough. Or maybe the Premier has decided to tighten his leash.

Either way, it looks as if the government has finally decided to tell the Halton District School Board that its brand of woke has limits. More importantly, Ministry officials have finally decided that HDSB Administration and Trustees can no longer hide behind the all-purpose defense of “it’s about human rights”.

In response to what appears to have been a carefully placed “question” during a Press Conference, on December 19, Monday, Minister Lecce outed his official concern that the matter may have “gotten out of hand”. Or maybe not.

The Toronto Star’s Kristin Rushowy captured his formulaic response: “I do continue to believe that the [HDSB] which is the employer, has an obligation to ensure that these classrooms are safe and respectful places to learn. Teachers need to uphold the highest professional standards when they are in front of children,” Lecce said.

“I do not believe the board administration has done so to date, and I do believe the Ontario College of Teachers corroborates this principle. It said the board has the necessary authorities to enforce those standards, so I expect them to do so.” He concluded.

Clearly, to date, the Board and the Administration have “thumbed their nose at” him and at expert legal opinion advising them to do the obvious: restore a semblance of sanity in school boards like the HDSB.

Pointing fingers at counterculture, woke officials, without imposing directions is hardly a sign of leadership. Maybe the Nonnas for Stephen were not specific enough, or those Vaughan Working Families do not send their children to schools anywhere.

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