Open letter to TCDSB's director

di Joe Volpe del December 16, 2020

Dear Dr Browne:

May God bless you and your Board! You have given the Corriere Canadese, and me personally, so much material to dissect - Daily - that we can barely keep up. All levity aside, as I indicated in an open letter to you early in your mandate, a personal scheduling decision by you resulted in the reopening of an issue that had been laid to rest. The outcome is a legal and religious morass.

We are a secular publication. We never question the religious devotion of anyone, Catholic and non, although everyone on our staff is a Roman Catholic. We also do not question the sexual orientation of any of our staff; several of our staff writers and contributors are not heterosexual. We are concerned only with the quality of everyone's research, analysis and journalism.

So are our readers. They pay for their subscriptions or purchase at their point of sale. They expect and get quality, no matter what some of your trustees would like to believe. Every day, we try to provide informative product to our readers on a wide range of topics of interest to them, locally, nationally and internationally. Ours is a knowledgeable questioning and mature readership.

It is, however, overwhelmingly Catholic - if one takes into account how individual property owners and renters wish to register their Municipal property or rental assessments. By that account, our readers are "devout Catholic ratepayers".

We are pretty confident at least one of your Trustees is not. If verified, she has been engaged in matters for which she has no authority.

She and you are custodians of our readers' "assets" in the education system. May I suggest that until such time as she clarifies her legal status as a voter and Trustee you encourage/insist that she not participate in discussions or votes that impinge on those assets.

You are a busy man. We expect you should be, so, you do not have the time to read what we print daily. Our coverage of the TCDSB's issues outstrips that of the other publications combined by a vast margin. Moreover, our readers are almost all Catholic ratepayers.

I attach but a few samples in English to illustrate what your ratepayers are reading daily. Our archives are available on line should you wish to "catch up". We intend to defend our readers' interests.


The Hon. Joseph Volpe, P.C., C.Dir.

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