Silly Season at School Boards: TCDSB towards self destruction

di Joe Volpe del November 1, 2020

The Covid-19 crisis is wearing on everyone’s tolerance level. Tow of Toronto’s school boards – both Catholic (TCDSB) and public (TDSB) - have reported a shortfall in anticipated student enrolment of 3,000 and 5,000 relative to last year. If the data bears itself out, that would represent a loss of Provincial grants for student needs (GSN) of approximately $96 million. Where have all the children gone? Does anyone care?
Educational jurisdictions are faced with issues of compensation by the associations governing administrative personnel – superintendents, principals, vice-principals etc. – who want to be compensated for additional time “volunteered” to get schools ready in a post-Covid environment. School opening were delayed by as much as two weeks. What were they doing from March until the end of August, when they were receiving income (without any measurable outcomes) to stay home?
What were the governing bodies – Boards of Trustees – doing?
At the TCDSB, Trustees are still trying to figure out a role for themselves other than one that involves undermining the rationale at the base of Catholic education, or using their position to launch into counter-productive character assassinations against colleagues for personal gain or advantage.
This is the time of year when they need to choose a Chair to help them guide through the morass and pitfalls obstructing the fulfilment of the vocation of those hired to delivery educational programs to their Catholic ratepayers… and no one else. Lead by Trustee Rizzo (whom I have described in less than flattering terms after personally witnessing her behaviour in public for the last four years), some of them appear bent on a plan of character assassination against perceived rivals – in particular, Michael Del Grande.
She and her cabal of pretentious malcontents does not appear to have a pan organizational strategy to advance except a convenient “Human Rights” – humanism as opposed to religion-based social obligations – to replace Church doctrine. They are not without “support” outside their confused group.
Somehow, they convinced former Premier Wynne to stand in the Legislature and condemn Del Grande for something he said on the record for all to hear, see and read, one year ago in a Board meeting. She spoke under the immunity provisions of the Legislature. Her political cachet suffered immeasurably in the last election. Her former Party has lost official recognition.
The Cabal’s devious, manipulative tactics somehow convinced her to call on the Minister to force the TCDSB to contravene all principles of due process and good governance models, and reopen a decision arrived at – in Private – “to set aside” the unenforceableopinion/ interpretation, expressed to the Board, by a third party “investigator” of the language everyone saw and heard.
Markus De Domenico, charter member of the Cabal, and media hound extraordinaire, decided to repeat the request “in private” at a photo-op with the Minister on Thursday; promptly releasing the request to a downtown publication noted for its anti-Catholic leanings. My reading of the TCDSB by-laws suggest that by so releasing to the Press, he is already in contravention of their Code of Ethics.
She and the Cabal are “incensed” that someone might not share their views on sexual and gender identity. Perhaps they consider the Minister and former Premier as key to their lament.
When she was Minister, Wynne hired a curriculum expert as Deputy Minister to introduce the so-called sex-ed program. Ben Levin, that expert was convicted, in 2015 (when she was Premier) on three counts related to child pornography, production and distribution thereof. The former “High Priest” of humanism had initially been charged with nine counts – including pedophilia and counselling thereto. After much plea-bargaining, six of the charges were dropped including one of incest.
For some of persecutors of Del Grande, Levin remains a hero. They are among the guardians of the health and instructional plans for our children.



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