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Doug Ford Wins
the Lottery, Again

TORONTO – I never go to casinos [to gamble]. Doug Ford must, at least on occasion. He wins constantly and someone else provides the risk capital: the Opposition Parties at Queen’s Park. The man (hope I am not offending any gender idealogues) walks around with horseshoes to spare.

On the face of current political trends, he may be ushering in a new dynasty in Ontario for PC governments. The other “Parties”, such as they may be, seem determined to alienate any voting public. None of them received more than 8% of the popular vote in the last June’s provincial election.

The NDP have dug themselves in as downtown urban core progressives (woke fanatics) with a wider view of the world.  They desperately need a name change and a “mission statement”, a vision, that imagines an Ontario for tomorrow that could belong to all citizens.

They also need to figure out why they had only one candidate for their leadership; why only six of their MPPs support her and why they still have not officially declared her acclaimed and elected. Are they hoping for someone better before their convention?

For their part, the Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) apparently “eats its own young” for breakfast. After two calamitous electoral defeats, the self-declared muckety-mucks of the once ruling party launched “a scorched earth policy” against its own kind.

Were it not for newspapers like the Corriere and other “ethnic” publications, you might never have heard of these savants, an elite group of “prominent” Liberals (the list appears elsewhere on this page). They are the cabal of Kathleen Wynne stalwarts who created the conditions for her defeat and that of her successor, Steven Del Duca.

Their formula for “relevancy” or success is evidently to go cap in hand to a non-Liberal – the only Green Party MPP – and ask him to lead the Party into the next election and the “promised land”. Is there any limit to the stupidity of the arrogant?

It is a rhetorical question. Doug Ford, now about to become Premier-for-Life, reacted by ordering St. Valentine Day cards and candies for his new sweethearts.

He had to take a brief pause to also order Champagne. You see, the Green Party MPP, poor chap [what is his name again?], announced that he would indeed take the offer by the Liberal upper crust under serious consideration.

Ford in a pic from his Twitter @fordnation
Here is the list of Liberals who want the leader of the Greens to lead their party

TORONTO – Here is the list of Ontario Liberals who signed the appeal to ask Green Party’s leader Mike Schreiner to run for provincial Liberal Party leadership: John Aniol (Campaign Manager), Zach Armstrong (Riding President), Jamie Burton (2014 Candidate), Lucille Collard (Liberal MPP), Ann Cook (Long-Time Liberal), David Cooke (Former Liberal MPP), Mary Cruden (Long-Time Liberal), Helen Darby (Long-Time Liberal), Raechelle Devereaux (2022 Candidate), Peter Donolo (Long-Time Liberal), Matthew Dupuis (Long-Time Liberal), Robin Edger (Environmental Leader), Ashley Fox (2022 Candidate), Julie Garner (Long-Time Liberal), John Godfrey (Former MP), Kate Graham (2022 Candidate / 2020 Leadership Candidate), Jesse Helmer (Former Deputy Mayor), Mike Johnson (Long-Time Liberal Organizer), Brendan Knight (2018 Candidate), Vanessa Lalonde (2022 Candidate), Charlie Love (Long-Time Liberal), Sherry Mason (Long-Time Liberal), Deb Matthews (Former Deputy Premier), Lyn McLeod (Former Leader, Ontario Liberal Party), John Milloy (Former Cabinet Minister), Mike Moffatt (Economist & Professor), Ismail Mohamed (2022 Candidate), Christie Nash (Long-Time Liberal), Tim Nash (Sustainable Finance Expert), Philip Playfair (Environmental Entrepreneur), Amanda Pulker-Mok (2022 Candidate), Christine Ritsma (Liberal Environmentalist), Pat Rutter (Long-Time Liberal), Liz Sandals (Former Cabinet Minister), Claire Sauveterre (Activist & Organizer), Surekha Shenoy (2022 Candidate), Greg Sorbara (Former Cabinet Minister), Pat Sorbara (2014 Campaign Director), Bryan Stortz (Long-Time Liberal Organizer), Melanie Van Alphen (2022 Candidate).

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