The apologies after the threats:
“Regret for my impulsive reaction” 

di corriere canadese del March 15, 2021

TORONTO - First the threats, then the apologies. The author of the e-mail addressed to the editorial office in recent days after our complaint about the presence of pornographic material on a site hosted by the website of the Catholic superintendent of Toronto, wrote: "I am writing to express regret for my impulsive reaction to the views espoused by Corriere Canadese and its publisher...".

"I understand Mr. Volpe's concern with certain materials that he deems to be harmful to children and youth. In hindsight, I should've simply reminded him that placing my whole community under an umbrella of pedophilia and corruption is not conducive to fair and unbiased reporting...".

"Mr. Volpe's published, biased views and my offensive reaction to them demonstrates that we all need to do better. Constructive criticism and voicing of opinions should always be in an acceptable form of communication and debate about issues we disagree with. My response was neither of those, and for that, I sincerely apologize to everyone at Corriere Canadese and the collective Italian-Canadian community that it serves. Respectfully, Tom Gerylo".

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