In schools there are responsible people who enforce the directives

di corriere canadese del September 25, 2020

I cannot say that I read every article in the Corriere Canadese, nor do I agree with every opinion therein, but for the most we are of “one mind” and I have great respect for the authors. Which is why I took exception to Francesco Veronesi’s article “Dilettanti allo sbaraglio: il futuro dei nostri figli e’ in cattive mani” (Venerdi’ 18 Settembre).

As director of the Corriere Canadese Francesco has been exceptional. I have met him a few times and he presents himself as the articles he has authored: put together, concise, well thought out and thorough. Except this time.

In this article he describes the irony of Premiere Doug Ford’s mandate to limit indoor persons to 10, and 25 outdoors. “The virus stops at the front doors of restaurants”, he states ironically. He describes the Chicken coop classrooms when mentioning his own son in the school.

But Francesco, you fail to mention the reason Doug put in the 10-person order, a reason that everyone except you seem to know. The order is directed at the vast house and backyard parties that had accumulations of 100’s in some instances. In schools, restaurants and other places of commerce, there are responsible people in charge that enforce the distancing and mask-wearing directives. This figure does not exist at house parties or weddings, indoor or out.

No, Francesco, the virus does not stop at the front door of commerce or education, but it certainly does not propagate there.

Dr. Antonio Locantore

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