Covid-19 update: the rise and fall in our column graphics

di Priscilla Pajdo del May 20, 2020

TORONTO - Our column graph is a representation of what happens after a case has been confirmed positive in percentage terms: those recovered (green column) and those that remain, unresolved, active (pink column). The red column in our graph represents the percentage of those that end in fatalities.

The global case count is now at 4,924,023 confirmed positive cases (May 19). Of those cases, 1,928,106 have recovered. That represents 39.2% of all confirmed positive cases. Active cases are 2,675,125 (54.3% of all confirmed positive cases). Worldwide, Covid-19 has claimed the lives of 320,792 people (6.5% of those tested positive).

The column graph is designed to show the direction of this virus. We have included a sample of countries around the globe to illustrate the evolution of Covid-19 cases. As it takes approximately 5-14 days from first contracting the virus, this chart will illustrate whether those active cases will move from the pink column to the green or in the unlikely the red. As more cases recover, it is to be expected that the percentage of active cases will decrease.

However, Covid-19 still continues to claim the lives of many, especially those most vulnerable, the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions.

The rate of recovery in some of the European countries, such as Spain (70.8% recovery rate), seems encouraging. Active cases are 19.2%. Ten percent result in fatalities among total confirmed positive cases.

Italy, which has been wrestling with Covid-19 for longer than other European nations, reports 57.1% recovered cases with 28.7% still active. Confirmed positive cases that have proven fatal represent 14.2% of the total.

Canada reports 50.3% recovered Covid-19 cases, with 42.2% still active. The fatality rate remains at 7.5%. Ontario's confirmed positive case count stands at 23,384 with 17,898 cases resolved. Nearly 76.5% of all confirmed positive cases result in recovery. There are 3,567 cases still active (15.3%). With the fatality rate from Covid-19 above the national average, Ontario reports 8.2% of cases turn fatal.

Overall, the column graph for Ontario seems promising. Yesterday marked the next step as Ontario begins to "open up" the province. Ontario has loosened some Covid-19 restrictions and has allowed some retailers in the province to re-open.

Quebec's Premier, François Legault has committed to reopening parts of the province as early as next week. The number of deaths attributable to Covid-19, 34 reported on Monday, the lowest since April 12, represents a fatality rate of 8.2%. The province reports a rate of 64.1% of cases that remain active.

The UK has not reported on recovered cases nor have they updated their active cases. Russia currently has a rate of 73.7% active cases with 25.4% recovered. Less than 1% of all confirmed positive cases turn fatal in Russia.

The numbers probably should be viewed with some skepticism given the timing of their reporting.


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