The school with the community centre does not make sense to me

di Joe Volpe del December 22, 2017
We publish a letter from Paula Warren to Minister of Education Hunter
Dear Minister Hunter,
I am a retired Social Worker, and have been a member of the Columbus Center for 15 years.
I am miffed by the decisions that are being made regarding this amazing Community Center.
Each week, I watch the benefits – heath, mental health and community that the Seniors who live around the Center, in housing that was built for them by the Italian community  experience every day.
 Here we have one of the outstanding Community Centers in the city, that was built by the Italian Community with extensive fund raising.
I have always been proud to live in a country where everyone’s needs are considered, not just the wealthy.
It is shameful that wealthy people can high hi-jack the center for their monetary gain.  It feels like our neighbours to the south!!
 It is also somewhat ironic that some years ago, the Center took away the basketball courts that were used by the teens, because their behaviour was disruptive to the other activities.  Now you want to combine the High School with the Community Center?  This does not make sense to me.  
Thank you for listening
Paula Warren

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