“The school board is yacting as a land developer rather that a catholic school”

di Redazione del February 1, 2018
It appears to me that the  school board and Villa Charities Inc. have chosen the time and date of the show down...  the cards have already been shuffled to produce a “no objection to the destruction of the Columbus Centre report” .
I am sure that the school board will  be delighted to hear and receive the report of the paid consultants and the stakeholders of the land developers... and  in my opinion, the school board is acting as a land developer rather that a catholic school.
What can be done... probably nothing except to blow up the building!!! And to witness the rise and fall of the Italian-canadian community… sold into developers slavery… so be it... 
If any body gives a damn… the meeting should be held in a manner to allow the truth to come out!
Where are our leaders?
Anthony Fusco

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