TCDSB: distinguish between civil action and criminal behaviour

di Mariella Policheni del January 11, 2018
We publish a letter from Lily Boraks to the Minister of Justice Yasir Naqvi
Photo: Columbus Centre, The Gardens
Dear Minister: 
The purpose of this letter is to request your office’s intervention into the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) refusing to release information with regard to the TCDSB’s commercial relationships concerning a potentially billion dollar property development at Toronto’s Columbus Centre.
Your colleague, the Member for Eglinton Lawrence, can speak to the details of the TCDSB’s flagrant cover up.
Given the unprecedented level of systemic intransigence with which the TCDSB is covering up the paper trail of money flowing between a private developer and the public trust, it is reasonable to conclude that the TCDSB is hiding something.
The concern is that with over a billion dollars on the table that the TCDSB cover up is crossing the line between civil and criminal behavior.
Please be assured that my above concerns are shared by many in the community.  Simply ignoring any bad faith behind the TCDSB’s stonewalling is breaking down public trust in public institutions.This is unacceptable.
Your colleague, the Minister of Education can sort out the substance of the property development. Only your office can assure the community that the Criminal Code applies to public servants as well as to those who are obliged to trust the public service's integrity.
Respectfully yours,
Lily M. Boraks  
B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W., CELT 

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