Rizzo absolves TCDSB and shifts blame onto Mpp Colle for destruction of Columbus Centre

di Joe Volpe del December 18, 2017
We pulblish a letter from Trustee Maria Rizzo to MPP Mike Colle
Photo: Maria Rizzo,  Twitter Profile
Dear Mr. Colle:
You refuse to speak to me so it is with regret that I am forced to communicate with you in this way. I don’t mean to be disrespectful so I hope that you will understand my frustration with your silence with those who may differ with your views. Instead of being a leader you are acting like a petulant child. In your zeal to get re-elected you have forgotten what it means to lead.
In my time as an elected representative I have always worked well with elected representatives - of all stripes, regardless of our differences.
People vote for their elected representatives and pay for their leadership.
Respectfully, I am asking that you start using inspiration rather than manipulation to close the divide in our community if you are at all concerned about the ugly and alarming turn we have witnessed in the Dufferin-Lawrence neighbourhoods we represent. Fear-mongering only shows contempt for a politics of mutual respect.
On the assumption that you actually want to save the “heart and soul” of the Columbus Centre then your government (or federal
counterparts) must declare the land where Columbus Centre is situated “of interest” to the province and our country. 
I believe and trust in your abilities and influence to do so for the sake of our cultural roots. This would be the richest legacy you can pass on to your grandchildren and future generations of Italian Canadians.
PUBLIC LANDS - PUBLIC HANDS  Thousands of people visit the Columbus Centre every year. Many use the programs and services regularly. 
Countless people have expressed passionate pleas that clearly display sentiments of ownership towards the Columbus Centre. Copious stories about our recipes, customs, fashions, designs, music, songs and ceremonies are vital to our history .
These are distinct expressions of a cultural heritage that must be protected. The Columbus Centre is our shared Italian Canadian inheritance - let's keep it that way. We need your political capital to fight to keep public lands in public hands.
I leave you with an open invitation to discuss this and any other ideas we collectively have to achieve what is best for the people and students we represent. 
This is not the time to engage in petty politics. I call on you to bury the hatchet once and for all for the good of our community and in the spirit of the Christmas season.
Maria Rizzo

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