“Maria Rizzo is asking two external bodies to save her from herself”

di Joe Volpe del December 21, 2017
We publish Joseph's Baglieri's letter to the Corriere 
The community needs courageous people within the TCDSB to stand up to the bullying and wrong-headedness of Maria Rizzo. Sometimes I wonder where she draws her logic in her quest  “di avere la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca”,  i.e. destroy the Columbus Centre  for the new school, while claiming that she is trying to save it!. 
In the meantime, she is trying to shift the (future ) blame for its demolition onto
1. the Provincial government over its alleged powers of designation that it is not using to prevent such demolition; 
2.the municipal government i.e. the Planning Dept. of the City of Toronto, for demanding a road that would cut through the property in the event that the School were to be built. In the latter case, she is being DISHONEST, as in her capacity as assistant to Howard Moscoe, she is well versed in the Planning process and therefore should know that a road is a Planning Act requirement given the zoning and configuration of the Columbus Centre Campus. If she does not know, she has the resources at her disposal to inform herself!
Maria Rizzo is basically asking two external bodies to save her from herself in this potentially catastrophic project when she has in her power to put a stop to all this by aligning herself with the dissident Trustees and the community at large. 
Joseph Baglieri 

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