Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2018-127

di Redazione del April 23, 2018

Corriere Canadese has applied for a News Televison Licence

Notice of hearing

15 October 2018
Gatineau, Quebec

Applications for a national, multilingual multi-ethnic television service offering news and information programming, which, if licensed, would receive mandatory distribution on the basic service pursuant to section 9(1)(h) of the Broadcasting Act

Deadline for submission of interventions/comments/answers: 17 May 2018

The Commission will hold a hearing commencing on 15 October 2018 at 9 a.m. at the Conference Centre, Portage IV, 140 Promenade du Portage, Gatineau, Quebec.

All those interested in submitting interventions or comments may send an email to - stating Name, Last Name, Obiect of Intervention or comment and provide a valid email address.

Please read and/or Download all related documentas  at >>>


In Broadcasting Decision 2017-152, the Commission recognized that there is an exceptional need for a national, multi-ethnic television service that can provide Canadians with programming, including news and information programming, in multiple languages from a Canadian perspective.

Accordingly, on the same day, in Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2017-154, the Commission called for applications from persons wishing to operate a national, multilingual multi-ethnic television service offering news and information programming as well as other programming. The Commission indicated that if licensed, such a service would receive mandatory distribution on the digital basic service.

Given the limited scope of the hearing, the Commission requires that interveners wishing to appear provide a detailed rationale as to why their request should be granted, including how their oral presentation at the hearing would supplement their written submissions. The Commission will then determine which interveners, if any, will be invited to appear, and only those invited to appear will be contacted by the Commission.

Additional documents may be added to the public record associated with the applications under consideration following the issuance of this notice of consultation. Interested persons should therefore consult the public record regularly.

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