Next to useless Election outcome

di Joe Volpe del 1 November 2019

TORONTO - Elections are about renewals. If you do any gardening then you understand the need for pruning, weeding and generally providing for the health of the garden.

The Canadian public, in its wisdom, responded by entrusting the future to the now current crop of MPs.

Some of them will do well and distinguish themselves for the service they provide while in office. Others … We will see how many of them can speak truth to power. For Jagmeet Singh it should be easy. He has very “little skin in the game”. Elizabeth May has even less. In both cases, they have turned their parties into an echo chamber for Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau, happy to be re-elected, is turning his attention to “Cabinet-making”. Because the Press and Media have been making much ado about potential regional divisions, The Prime Minister has turned to a couple of high-profile women to help him “re-integrate” Alberta and Quebec into the political mainstream. What would they have had to offer if Alberta had elected a single Liberal, or if Quebec had voted for a handful fewer Bloc MPs?

The Honourable Anne Mc- Lellan, a lawyer by profession was available to provide advice pre-election. Can she offer up more than what Premier Kenney has demanded: build the pipelines. It may be more interesting to hear what an employee of the Department of Global Affairs, Ambassador Hudon, has to as advice to the Prime Minister, a Francophone MP elected from Quebec.

Their task is a difficult one because the primary purpose of their short-term contract is to help The PM shu.e the Cabinet or prune it. You can help all three by answering this question: name five Cabinet Ministers not from your constituency.

Exactly. Going into the election the government was criticized repeatedly for lack of transparency and accessibility. It often seemed as if Cabinet had been instructed not to communicate with the public and, if by mistake, they did so their task was to deny, deny and obfuscate. Anne, help them out. Tell the PM this is great opportunity to clear out those who should never have been called.

First among them is Ahmed Hussen. He has been an unmitigated disaster in Immigration. There is no leadership in that file. He doesn’t want to provide any. Yet about 300,000 new entrants, plus International Student Visa holders, refugees and I,000,000 undocumented workers and their families are at his mercy.

Closer to home, he has not lifted a finger to take advantage of the human resources potential that Italian emigration – young, educated and skilled - that is yearly leaving that country going everywhere else but Canada. If it were not for the Portuguese and Polish emigres who, it would appear, are equally undesirable, we might think that he has a particular dislike for Italians.

Ease him out before he causes more damage to the country’s demographic fabric and to the Liberal brand.

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