A Message form the Giuliano Dalmato Club

di Joe Volpe del December 6, 2016

What would you like for Christmas?

IMG 20161206 WA0000It is a time of Family, Friends and Community. A time of reflection of what was, is and what may be.  A time to reach out to those in need, to those who can’t or are unable.

Remembering primarily if lucky enough, the good memories and moments in our own existence and being able to share those collected inspirations with those you care and love.

As a sitting Board Member of Giuliano Dalmato of Toronto for over 15 years, and as President for the last 5 years, one becomes humble and grateful for being able to join the many circles that encompass the great diversity of community.

Embracing the uniqueness and recognize the commonality and personal passion of every story and its roots. I encourage all of us to try and support our youth, and those of some years, so that they too get involved in the many active Italian Community Boards.

These community Boards provide hope and insight that reflect our history, stories, music, art and very much more so that they may be shared, remembered and continued.  The magic here is that by getting involved on these Boards, you gain real solid valued experience.  

Employers, Corporations and Businesses, skilfully search for unique, skilled employees.  They seek values and involvement outside that comfort box which are all available in the various positions that all our Community Boards possess.

Your participation will reveal the potential we offer and make available, sitting right under our lovely noses, should those “Businesses” see, seek and believe.  By taking part and standing out through involvement, you would gain an edge in this ever-growing competitive work world. with.

In return, all our communities would benefit through diversity of opinions and vision. My Christmas wish would be that you support, encourage or stand and get involved as not only a Member of a Community but as an active Member on your Board.  Help keep our past Italian history vibrant and help paint the future of our Italian Communities that will be. 

Merry Christmas, and may Peace be with you.

Joe Braini, President

Club Giuliano Dalmato di Toronto

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