“We choose to financially desert pregnant woman and call it choice”

di corriere canadese del July 15, 2019

Dear Editor,

considering last weekend’s cinema showing of Unplanned, and the CBSA’s crackdown on illegal migrants, your July 12, 2019 coverage of the abortion issue is timely and welcome. Your addressing abortion in rational, economic terms is necessary.

Perhaps the time has come to ask a simple, practical, but difficult, question: If we as a society provide real, financial "choice" for pregnant woman, do we need immigration?

We find the money for immigrant services. But domestically the high cost on day care and housing may be serving as a disincentive for women to carry a pregnancy to term. Ironically, this year alone, we will bring in 20,000 aging parents and grandparent who may further stress our health care system. But we cannot find the money to help a pregnant working woman pay the bills.

For several years, your paper has treated immigration as a demographic-economic issue. If memory serves me well, I repeat a paraphrase of one of your blunt editorials: our economy will grow only if there is a people-mass to sustain it, therefore; if we don’t produce our own children (replacements) we must get them elsewhere.

Government policies finance language training and welfare for other peoples' children, but we cannot provide financial assistance help a pregnant girl or a woman who may then place the child for adoption. The adoption wait list is as long as the immigration wait list. Why do we choose to make it easier to kill our fetus-children?

Why do we "choose" to spend money on immigration; "choose" to financially desert pregnant women and then pretend that they exercise "choice" to kill their fetus-child? Is it possible, in science, that no being exists prior to exiting a birth canal?

There are no simple answers to difficult questions. But there can be no answers unless we ask the questions.

As an aside, why do you single out our American friends as “extremist” on the abortion issue? What is more extreme than Canada placing absolutely no conditions on our financing the abortion industry? Our friends debate with passion.
We kill in cold blood and call it "choice".
Thank You.
Romano Sapone

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