“Trudeau should do the right thing and resign”

di corriere canadese del 23 August 2019

TORONTO - In the Giorgio Mitolo's editorial titled "SNCLavalin, un’ombra sulla campagna di Trudeau" the author asks at the end, "What do Canadians think?" Here’s my response. Most Canadians don’t know that Justin Trudeau has broken the law many times. Why don’t they know? The answer is political: the Trudeau Liberal government has put aside a slush fund amounting to close $600,000,000 for the mainstream media. On top of this, the CBC, the state broadcaster already gets 1.5 billion dollars from the tax payers.

As a result, the MSM are unlikely to criticize a government that gives them money to cheer lead for the Liberal Party of Canada. In the most recent report, Trudeau was found guilty of violating the Confl ict of Interest Act.

The prime minister tried to get Jody Wilson-Raybould, who at the time was the attorney general, to drop criminal charges against the corrupt Quebec company SNCLavalin. This is a company that has bribed public o¥ cials in order to get contracts. When Jody Wilson-Raybould refused to do the bidding of the prime minister, she lost her job and later resigned. At another time, Trudeau violated the same Act by accepting a $200,000 vacation for his family in a private island in the Bahamas owned by the billionaire Aga Khan. The Trudeau government has given Khan money to support his projects.

Trudeau has broken the law and is now trying to get away with it. He will not apologize. He continues to refuse to let Ethics Commissioner get all the information.

Trudeau wants it all to go away, especially since there is a federal election coming this October.

The RCMP should now come forward and do a proper investigation. Sadly, so far they have remained silent on the matter. And the media says little or nothing, hesitating to cut the hand that feeds them.

A corrupt government does not augur well for the country. Those that break the law should be held accountable even when they hold high government offices.

Canadians deserve that justice be done. Trudeau should now do the right thing and resign.

Thank you,
Lou Iacobelli

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