This city is what I want: happiness

di corriere canadese del 23 July 2019

We publish a letter from an Italian girl who lived with her sisters in Toronto for a month and tells her personal experience.

TORONTO - The value of a moment can be seen when it glides slowly, then quickly and suddenly everything in a second moves away and disappears; and only its memory, a photograph, an image remains. When time expires, that's the moment when millions of thoughts fill our heads: did I do everything I could do? have I lived these moments to the fullest?

When I arrived in Toronto, I didn't realize, maybe I was not aware, that I was in one of the most important cities in the world; actually, I knew it, but I didn't feel it in my being.

I didn't think I'd ever fall in love so much with a city so far away from what I'm used to. Yet, I felt it different from many others I've visited. A big city, inhabited by millions of people, always on the move, always in a hurry.

Here, the thing that struck me most was you, the residents of Toronto. Such a diverse population. No one on the bus was the same as another: English, French, African, Arab, Indian, German ... all different, yet together in one community.

You live together, you meet on the subway, take an espresso or a "milk" from Tim Hortons, work in the same buildings, you could even have the same boss, a cousin in common, and always remain different among you, each with your distinctive interests, your own race, your own priorities.

You are different and you manage to make your cohabitation work beautifully. It’s, as you say, amazing.
Toronto makes you feel part of the world, and makes you proud of your origins, here you feel unique in your genre, you will always be different from others, special in your own way. I felt that way! I am happy to be Italian, to speak my language and to be able to cook a good plate of pasta, and this I only understood here in Toronto (before, I even thought about it).

Another thing that struck me: time, which flows here quickly, passes like a racing car and there is never enough. There are always so many things to do and little time available, and to tell the truth, all this intrigues me.

Movement and dynamism attract me. Passing through the campus of the University of Toronto, I wanted to take a book and study; on the streets of Kensington Market I felt a great desire to dance in the street. Everything here motivates me to act, to give and to live more and better.

When I think of Toronto, I think of everything I want in my future: happiness.

Gaia Pelù

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