Please learn the Italian lesson: stay safe and stay home!

di corriere canadese del 24 March 2020

Good morning to all the staff of the Canadian Corriere, to the Italian Canadians and Canadians all, my name is Aurora, I am an Italian and I live in Calabria.

What drives me to write to you today is that, monitoring the evolution of Covid 19 in Canada on a daily basis, I am noticing that it is growing more and more and I would beg you not to underestimate it! It is silent, very fast and deadly.

You still have time to win it, but you can only do it if you lock yourself in the house by disinfecting anything that had anything to do with the outside world.

It’s all a warpath here now, and you’re fighting helpless against an enemy you don’t see. He acts everywhere and is able in just two hours to take a life, even young, who until a few hours before, was very healthy without any pathology.

You live constantly under terror; you fall asleep praying and when you open your eyes you are part of a frightening reality and the thought goes to your children who, because of a piece of bread, are in the north alone and then you pray, entrust them to God and you find yourself saying one , two Rosaries a day, which used to happen only in pilgrimages.

It upsets you and shocks you, and when you get to see images of army wagons carrying the dozens of co.ns, you constantly make the sign of the cross crying tears that you thought you had run out of and your heart shattered.

Speaking of heart, the motivation of this email is that, there in Toronto I have a piece: my uncle Gesuino, my cousins, many relatives and that only L’Altissimo knows if I will be able to see again!

I beg you, from your newspaper, advise all Italian Canadians and Canadians to stay indoors, it is the only powerful weapon against him believe me.

Here northern Italy is now exhausted with overcrowded hospitals, ditto cemeteries and doctors that are no longer enough but: WE ARE ITALIANS AND WE ARE ABLE TO FIGHT TILL THE END. A hug to everyone.

Aurora Grillo, Mileto (VV) ITALY

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